Choosing your Electric Gates

Electric gates bring security, add value to your property, and make life easier.

Automation will put an end to struggling with heavy, awkward manual gates. With many attractive gate options available, you can enhance the appearance of your house at a lower cost that you may imagine.

Automated gates deter unwanted callers, and the irreversible geared motors on electric gates make them difficult to force open. You gain peace of mind, and potentially a lower bill for your household insurance.

Remote access control means you can enter and exit your property without leaving the comfort of your car. We fit both swinging and sliding gates and will advise you on the best type for your property:


Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a good option where space is limited, or on sloping sites. Their design brings added security.

Sliding Gates


Swing Gates

Swing gates are less expensive to install than sliding gates, and often more aesthetically pleasing.

Sliding Gates